What if the oak tree were to become the Ulvenhout landmark?

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The Anneville incident: wat als/what if
The Anneville incident: wat als/what if
on invitation of Atelier Tussenruimte, InnovA58 and Rijkswaterstaat
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During the Dutch Design Week 2015 the exhibition 'the Anneville incident' takes place, initiated by Rijkswaterstaat in cooperation with InnovA58. Blom&Moors has been asked by Atelier Tussenruimte to contribute to this exhibition about the oak tree along the A58. Also invited are Tijs van den Bomen and Paul Roncken & Arno Peeters.

On the basis of ten images on posters and in a leporello Blom&Moors will ask visitors to tweet their reaction.

The A58 is to be widened to improve the flow of traffic for the coming years. Near Ulvenhout, there is an oak tree in the central reserve. This beautiful oak used to be on the Anneville estate and was spared when the A58 was built, in 1989. Over the years, the oak tree has become a recognisable 'monument'. What to do with the oak? Will it be possible to preserve the tree once again during the current widening project? Of will the tree have to be cut down? Perhaps the oak can be moved?

InnovA58 asked the people living nearby these questions in an e-participation. The majority of them proposed moving the oak and also offered suggestions for a new location. A technical study has, therefore, been initiated to investigate the possibility of moving the oak. Could the now-150-year-old oak be able to thrive in a new spot and live to be over 500?

What if the oak tree were to be relocated to a new spot? Blom&Moors have pictured ten of the proposed locations with the oak tree to better assess the suggestions. Will the tree fit in that new spot? And what meaning could the tree have there?
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