a lively meeting place
Renovation shopping area Arena
Renovation shopping area Arena
Aberdeen European Balanced Property Fund
Year design
In cooperation with
VOCUS architecten, HET LUX LAB, bureau OSLO, Visual8
Grijsen park en straatdesign bv, Armada Janse, diz, Boksman Bouwbedrijf BV
Year realisation

Arena and Stoa together form a shopping area in the centre of 's-Hertogenbosch. The area occupies 12,000 m2 and included shops of international clothing brands and a supermarket.  

To keep up with the look and atmosphere appearance of the shopping area in the old town, Aberdeen invests in a redesign of the outdoor space as well as in a ‘facelift ' of the facades of the Arena for the next ten years. With this, the Arena can remain a valuable and attractive location ánd draw more visitors from outside Den Bosch.

Blom&Moors was asked to create a concept and preliminary design (VO) for the redevelopment of the outdoor area and the entrances to the shopping area, both on ground floor level and at level-1. For the benefit of the cohesion – in the Arena and with the old town –, overview, clear routing and a pleasant residence quality, both levels have been refurbished with furnishing elements that are designed especially for the Arena. It concerns seating, planters, railings, lighting, signing and a largely new floor.

The carefully chosen positions of all furnishings guide routing and residence on a natural way. Visitors immediately see which stores are present and which activities take place. The lively atmosphere and the comfortable and warm interior seduce the visitors to look around or to meet here. Comfortable seating areas, coloured green, a fresh floor and warm lighting give the interior a contemporary allure. 

The Arena will be ready for the future but also the past is part of the design. At the heart of the Arena a big wooden table with benches has been placed. In the middle of this table five glass display cases are shown. In these cases beautiful, often diligent medieval containers and trays are exhibited. The ceramic finds, mostly wasters, have been excavated during the construction of the Arena. The generous seatings are just like the table, made of wood and features a playful line pattern in warm wood tones, with colour accents. The seating areas are combined with planters.

The new natural stone floor in a lively grey stripes pattern covers the entire space on level-1 and joins up with the light grey of the natural stone facade. Also on the ground floor, this natural stone is applied as a broad strip around the railings. The new railings are made of glass so that there is more insight into the space. Digital information posts with the present shops and up to date information support the orientation of the visitor.

New energy-efficient lighting contributes to the lively atmosphere with its pleasant colour image and light distribution.