informationpanel at Bovenlandse Sluis

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Balcony at the river Maas
Balcony at the river Maas
Gemaal Gansoyen
Waterschap Aa en Maas
Year design
Postma Bergharen, MCB, Struyk Verwo Infra, Heijmans
Year realisation

A bike ride over the dykes along the Bergsche Maas brings passers-by along the pumping station Gansoyen. Pumping station Gansoyen drains the Oude Maasje and regulates the water level in the underlying land area. It is part of the national monument Bovenlandse sluis, a crossing of two waterways. The pumping station has retrieved its function from the former steam pumping station that once stood on the other side of the Bovenlandse sluis and served from 1898 to 1963.

After an analysis of this location Blom&Moors has created a design for two places and three information panel, inspired by the vast landscape and the characteristic materials and detailing of the engineers work. Above the outflow of the pumping station a balcony has been realized to make the place more inviting and to inform visitors about its rich history. At the spot of the former steam pumping station a second place to stay is realized. Seating elements and floor plates belong to Solids&Seats, a series of concrete elements Blom&Moors has developed for Struyk Verwo Infra. At the top of the stairs a concrete information panel is placed. Blom&Moors has designed both layout and content: on hydrology, cultural history and the value for nature.

The balcony is accessible by a staircase of concrete floor plates. Leaning on the wooden balustrade the balcony offers a magnificent view on the river and its banks. Words as ‘tags’ in a band in the floor make viewers aware of the history of the place. Those who want to stay a little longer can a take a seat.

Former steam pumping station
Parts of the former steam pumping station have been recently completely restored. The pump and impeller with impeller hole are preserved and retained on the site. In the floor illustrious names of parts of the steam engine such as stool wang, volute and eccentric ring are placed. Also, here's a simple bank for passers-by. On the information column one can read how the steam pumping station functioned at the time.