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Bridge Amsterdamse Bos
Bridge Amsterdamse Bos
Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam
Amsterdamse Bos
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A new bridge is placed in the Amsterdamse Bos. The bridge can be used by pedestrians, cyclists ánd horse riders. Before, there was no direct connection between the riding school and the surrounding forrest. Visitors had to take an enormous bypass before reaching the riding school. With the new bridge, the terrace of the restaurant also became easier accessible for passers-by. Hollandsblauw drew this new connection, Blom&Moors was asked to design the bridge. The new bridge is not only a connection, but also a remarkable moment in the landscape

The bridge has an outstanding and brave design, even as his many predecessors, most of them designed by the well known architect Piet Kramer. The 18-metre-long bridge is completely flat and fits in with the landscape. However, because of the black and white colors the bridge is still clearly visible. The black part seems to float above the reflecting water, whereas two prominent pillars on both sides anchor the bridge. The white endings make the bridge land on the water bank. The bridge can be closed in the evening by a gate located between the pillars. On the gate, the name of the riding school is visible. 

The bridge deck is provided with a special non skid layer to give enough grip to the horses. Seen from the shore the bridge looks almost transparent. Seen from the water side the bridge has a more closed appearance, this because of the dense rhythm of the stands and the firm rail. All to provide the horses and their riders a safe and pleasant crossing.