showing outside what happens inside

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De Gruyter Factory works outside!
De Gruyter Factory works outside!
Blom&Moors i.s.m. ODGF en BIM
Year design

The Gruyter Factory is an attractive location for more than 120 creative enterprises in 's - Hertogenbosch . On its own initiative Blom & Moors developed, in cooperation with the association ( ODGF ) and the owner ( BIM ) , a ‘Vision’ or concept design for the public spaces surrounding the factory.

The vision with the title : ‘De Gruyter Factory works outside’ provides inspiration for the coming years and gives direction to what the entrepreneurs have in mind: a lively public space, a green environment with room for initiatives . Tough and sturdy, generous and welcoming, a place for the unexpected.

The Gruyter Factory, a former food factory , is a building complex with over 28,000 square meters of outdoor space . The unique location is situated on an old industrial port , and includes a wide quay and several parking lots . Particularly noteworthy are the five courtyards which provides the factory daylight, and can be used as an outdoor space.

The main principles are based on a range of topics such as green , furniture , street culture and art. Materialization and use are described. The main points are illustrated with pictures and descriptions of the possible atmosphere in the near future . How the outdoor space is actually furnished and used will depend on the wishes of the entrepreneurs from the Gruyter Factory .