New station furnishings
New station furnishings
Dutch railway stations
Prorail i.s.m. NS Stations, Bureau Spoorbouwmeester
Year design
Year realisation
2012 en verder

-Development, production and installation information panels, benches, waiting rooms, windshields and bins: combination OFN / Espilon / Fabrique and ProRail.

-Development, production and installation concrete hockers and islands with green: combined VoestAlpine-RailPro/Meteoor/HRGroep and ProRail.

-Development, Production and placement newspaper bins and advertising media: TMG / Van Raalte Displays and CBS Outdoor / Dumets International for NS stations.

ProRail and NS Stations are working hard on a a large number of new stations to place the new station furnishings. A comprehensive and completely new furniture line for railway stations has been developed based on the ‘Design concept for Station Furnishings’ developed by Blom & Moors, in close cooperation with ProRail, NS Stations and Bureau Spoorbouwmeester.

The designs for the new range of station furniture, have been made according to the designs of Blom & Moors and are further developed and implemented by ProRail. With this coherent set of furniture ProRail wants to make the time spent at train stations more comfortable. The new furniture was tested at station Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA and Leiden Central Station. It received high appreciation from travelers.

After the test phase Blom & Moors developed 'layout principles’ for all these objects for an orderly arrangement of spaces and station platforms and ‘design principles’ for shape, size, color and material. With this basis, the objects tendered for production in 2012. The ' layout principles’ and design principles are fully attuned to regulatory of ProRail and NS and Spoorbeeld.

The new product line is a coherent set of objects that provides comfort to the travelers and sweetens the wait. Comfortable sofas, transparent waiting areas, green islands: everything contributes to a higher amenity. The new station furnishings offers  a wide range of options so that each station will be a slightly different with a fresh look.

The first objects have been placed on the stations Hoevelaken, Europa Park Groningen, Rotterdam and The Hague Central Station. The benches at station Hoevelaken are outfitted with a quiet neutral wood color to match the adjacent meadows, in Rotterdam the benches are black in contrast with the reddish granite floor. These options are defined in 'toolkits' in which the possible variations are shown for the different  trainstation sizes.

It is intended that between 2012 and 2015 also the trainstations Arnhem Central, Breda, Noord Barneveld, Barneveld Center, Barneveld South, Lunteren and Ede Center are outfitted with new station furniture. In total, in 2020 about 100 stations have new station equipment.