Ferry banks along the Waal riverbank
Ferry banks along the Waal riverbank
Beuningen, Slijk-Ewijk
Atelier Quadrat comm. by Dienst Landelijk Gebied
Year design
Willems Winssen
Year realisation

This spring two ferry banks will be realized along the river Waal at Beuningen and Slijk Ewijk. The project is part of the context of the ‘Waalweelde’ project. A new verry bank is constructed on either side of the river bank. The design is made by Atelier Quadrat and Blom&Moors. Two robust steel and concrete benches provide a resting place for those who are waiting on the boat. Poet Tim Pardijs wrote two poems specifically for these two ferry banks. The poems are sand-blasted in the concrete pavement. These two contemporary beacons along the river side offer residents and holidaymakers a grat view and a moment of reflection.

The five meter long seating objects are beacons on the shore, either from land or boat they are clearly visible and recognizable. Striking are the colors which are a reference to buoys and barge boats. The seating object on the river bank of the village Beuninge is starboard green, the one on the side of the village Slijk-Ewijk is port red. The name affixed to the front of every seating object is in valiant white letters at least 12 inches high. The other place names are countersunk in the concrete and refer to the main walking directions.

The seating objects are placed on a base of concrete slabs in which the poems can be read on the concrete surface. Everything is securely designed to resist water and wind. At high tide different areas will overflow to emerge at low tide