Spoorpark Tilburg, pergola east - photo Paulien Varkevisser

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Spoorpark Tilburg
Spoorpark Tilburg
Stichting Spoorpark
Year design
In cooperation with
KruitKok landschapsarchitecten, Timmermans architecten
Brouwers Groenaannemers, van de Bersselaar, Haasnoot
Year realisation

The Spoorpark is the new city park in the centre of Tilburg. The terrain of ca. 7.5 hectares is part of the Spoorzone development. It is dynamic green space which is in use intensively since the opening in the summer of 2019. 
Commissioned by the Foundation Spoorpark Blom&Moors designed the park in collaboration with KruitKok landscape architects. Our focus was on the design of the elements, including pergolas that the entrance of the park, two bridges, the seating, light poles, gates and fences, the tribune and the ‘watersquare’.

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Park design
At the heart of the park is an open meadow, surrounded by a slope on the north side and a small stream to the south side. The existing sound barrier is part of the gentle slope where a pleasant residence space is made with trees, flowers, grass, paths and a tribune. At the foot of the slope lies the boulevard, the main route through the park. The stream is part of the water system: a water square, the stream with constructed wetland, pond and wadi with buffer capacity for rainwater from the environment. An avenue runs along the stream and forms a green setting of the park. The water system is flanked by a path, parallel to an existing rail line. On the west side is the birch forest maintained, just like the monumental trees next to the slope. The track has two main entrances, on the east and west side.

A groundbreaking initiative
In the context of citizen participation in 2014 the municipality did set up a directing team to develop the former Van Gend en Loos area to a place where green and leisure come together. After an open call 8 plans were selected from the 82 contributors. These plans met the ambition in the field of ecology, green and water, facilities for recreation and sports, cultural history and implementation in the surroundings. The 8 applicants now are the quartermasters of the park. Their wishes were the input to the draft: Scouting Esjeeka, T-Huis (horeca), the Rits (work of art), Outdoor Urban Sports park, BeweegR > (beach volleyball and paramedical center), natural outdoor play, city camping and living water. Also a large open field for activities is included.
End 2016 the design including cost estimate was submitted to the municipality. Beginning 2017 budgets are allocated and the Foundation Spoorpark was set up to deliver and administer the park. See www.spoorparktilburg.nl