Redesign Bahnhof Hamburg Harburg / phase 1

Redesign Bahnhof Hamburg Harburg / phase 1
Hamburg, Germany
Deutsche Bahn
Year design
In cooperation with
Trafique landschapsontwerpers | groeningenieurs, Liesbeth Rijnja
Year realisation

Hamburg Harburg station is a large railway station south of the Elbe. On behalf of Deutsche Bahn, Blom&Moors is working on a step-by-step plan for upgrading the station for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The monumental station (design Hubert Stier) is an ensemble of impressive brick buildings with beautiful spaces. The station is included in the series of stations that is being upgraded under the name Smart City/Third Places. The current architectural condition of the 19th-century station is good, but the interior and platform layout show a lot of wear and tear and are no longer contemporary. For Hamburg Harburg station, the focus is on quality of stay through culture, greenery, experience and comfort.

Inside and outside
As a result of our on-site analysis and inventory, we have developed an advice for the interior and platforms to increase the quality and experience value without major renovations. The recommendations concern the use of color and materials, the replacement of seating furniture and the pleasant use of waiting areas, the renewal of lighting and the application of visual arts. Objects that have fallen into disuse have been removed, other existing objects have been moved or replaced, so the station becomes clear and well-organized again.

Historical greenery in the Bahnhofsgarten
Hamburg Harburg station once had a station garden on the wide central platform. In our greenery concept we advise, in cooperation with Trafique and Liesbeth Rijnja, to breathe new life into this beautiful historic station garden. Travelers and local residents can now walk along narrow paths between lush perennials. Concrete seating edges with bamboo seats offer extra seating space to enjoy the sun and the new garden.The planting is white with red accents, in accordance with the colours of the interior of the station building. Flowering periods follow eachother so the station garden has an interesting appearance in every season. Moreover, the plants are attractive to bees.
At the ends of the platforms, flower trees are planted in beds with grass and herb mixtures. They give softness to the harsh technical world around the track.

Colourful entrance
Traditionally, there are also trees with undergrowth on the station square. To refresh the square temporarily, we have proposed a number of limited interventions in the planting concept: removal of unnecessary objects, restoration of edges and walls, replacement of old undergrowth by grass and incinerating bulbs, planting of colourful perennials. It is being investigated whether and how the forecourt can undergo an actual restructuring in the future.

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