Spoorpark Tilburg - furnishings

Spoorpark Tilburg - furnishings
Stichting Spoorpark
Year design
In cooperation with
KruitKok landschapsarchitecten, Timmermans architecten
Brouwers Groenaannemers, van de Bersselaar, Haasnoot
Year realisation

Visual language 
The visual language of the furnishings and architecture of the Rail park is characterized by use of simple shapes and honest materials that refer to the industrial tpast of the park. In architecture and elements the separate components of materials such as steel, concrete, glass, wood and bamboo are well recognizable. The shapes are straight forward with a restructuring. Steel structures are composed of standard steel profiles, hot dip galvanized and coated in colour. For the purpose of furnishing elements a colour range of 5 gradients green is selected. The green tones enhance the green in the park, during all seasons.

The two main entrances are marked by high pergolas that along with the trees and the climbing plants form a green entrance. In addition to being an entrance, they are a space in itself, for example for bicycle storage and temporary small events. In the evening the pergola lit.
The bridges are constructed out of steel profiles and typical balustrades with diagonal tessellation. 
Where there are slopes to higher or lower parts standard concrete borders with bamboo seats are applied (Greenline, design Blom&Moors). Along the boulevard LED lighting is integrated, at the Urban Sports steel skatestrips are applied. Also the tribune is realised with these elements.
The series of seating furniture from steel and bamboo is applied in numerous configurations along the avenue and in the garden.
The two main routes via avenue and boulevard are illuminated. Also the series light poles consists of profiles in Spoorpark colours, equipped with sustainable LED lighting. 
The Spoorpark is fenced and is closed in the evening. The gates mark the entrances. On each gate a name of the place is added for orientation. On occasions the fences can be used as carrier of temporary signage or decoration
Also bike racks, waste bins etc. have simple straight forms and are in Spoorpark colours.

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