Calidum Light product family station furnishings

Calidum Light product family station furnishings
German railway stations
Deutsche Bahn
Year design
In cooperation with
Raakvlak design and communication - pattern steel perforation
Armada Mobility
Year realisation

In 2017, we developed a new series of station benches on behalf of Deutsche Bahn (DB). Due to its natural and warm appearance, the design was named 'Calidum'. Since then, the Calidum benches have mainly been used at larger stations.

The design was upgraded in 2023: the back rest, like the seat, is now made of slats, making production and replacement easier and more cost efficient. As a result, the Calidum now goes through life as 'Calidum Redesign'. Besides benches, we also developed a workstation and a leaning support, which have also been optimised: less use of materials, a more efficient construction and easier assembly are the main improvements.

As a follow-up to this series, we were asked in 2022-2023 to develop the Calidum Light product family: a series of furnishing elements consisting of benches, leaning supports, stools and tables that can be used to playfully provide platform and station hall seating. This new series, named Calidum Light - because of its lighter and more playful character - can be used at all stations in Germany after approval and inclusion in the DB catalogue.

The Calidum product family recently received the Goed Industrieel ontwerp 2023 (GIO 2023) recognition.

All furnishing elements have a friendly appearance due to their simple basic shape with rounded corners. They are minimalist in construction and carefully detailed, with no visible fixings. They fully comply with TSI, the European regulations on accessibility.

Material and colour
The benches and leaning supports come in three versions: one with bamboo slats, one in perforated steel sheet and one based on tubular profiles. A balanced palette of colours has been composed for the powder coating of the steel variants. This allows a suitable version to be chosen for each station. The steel stools and table are suitable for indoor areas and are powder coated in muted colours. For the platforms, concrete poufs are available with the top finished in lively terrazzo.

Underlying the final choice of materials for each element is an extensive study into appearance and technical workability, fire resistance, sustainability and durability (EQI), which is still being followed up in a number of pilot projects. These pilots at Kirchentellinsfurt, Genthin, Seebrugg and Friedrichshafen will provide additional information.

The benches are designed as a modular system of middle, end and corner modules with which all kinds of combinations can be made.  With the system of single- and double-sided modules, there is always a variant that fits the spot. There are also special elements for fitting into 'Wetterschutzhäuser', the name for German glass shelters. The benches have wide armrests that can also be used as tables, and narrow armrests for easy sitting and standing up. USB connections can be integrated on the head side of the bench.
We developed the playful perforated steel plate hole pattern in the benches together with Raakvlak design and communication. The pattern refers to clouds drifting by or sweeping foliage.

The leaning support also has these three material options. The design is very minimalist and mainly offers a support at a pleasant height to lean against while waiting. Like the benches, there are single- and double-sided versions.

The table and poufs can be combined with the slatted benches and steel benches in station halls. The conical base makes the steel table stable. The steel poufs in various diameters and heights can also be placed with it. The lowest pouf can also be used by small children. For outside on platforms or forecourts, the form-related concrete poufs have been developed.

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