Greenline series

Greenline series
Struyk Verwo Infra
Year design
Struyk Verwo Infra
Year realisation

Go Green with Greenline, is the slogan that Struyk Verwo Infra uses to put this striking series of concrete edges on the market. Blom&Moors has commissioned and closely cooperated with the Dutch concrete company Struyk Verwo Infra to design the series of concrete elements in order to respond to climate adaptation and to provide the resulting market need for products that can make public spaces more green.

The series of slender concrete elements of self-compacting concrete, complete with bend and corner pieces, consists of low (30 cm) and high edges (45 cm). All elements can be placed both diagonally inwards and outwards. With the slim profile of 15 cm, plant areas can be given elegant contours. The elements have a flat base at ground level for a refined connection to the pavement.

In addition, the series offers a series of seating elements, with or without flat-integrated seats. Laminated bamboo and FSC© hardwood were selected as material for the seats. The bamboo seats are executed as a continuous surface, the wooden seats consist of slats of equal or varying widths. Optionally, the seating elements can be provided with atmospheric LED lighting.

The Greenline series can be seen in Spoorpark, Tilburg, the Netherlands.