Woonboulevard Nijbracht Emmen

Woonboulevard Nijbracht Emmen
Year design
In cooperation with
Trafique landschapsontwerpers | groeningenieurs

With the purchase of Woonboulevard Nijbracht M7 has the ambition to invest in the area for the longer term. The wish is to generate more consistency and make the Woonboulevard more lively and attractive. Therefore the recognition of the boulevard, the connection between the buildings and the parking lot will be improved. The public is invited to meet each other on the boulevard.
M7 asked Blom&Moors to develop a concept and a preliminary design. Because of their expertise are we partnered with Trafique.

A system of squares and lines connects the buildings with each other. Within this system the routing and parking facilities were reorganised efficiently. The largest square is oriented on the southwest at the foot of a pop up restaurant. The other square is suitable for small events and activities and is just across the main road. The squares are connected by green lines, footpaths lined with vegetation, which each have their own character. While the one line connects to the southern buildings, the other one is marked by a pool. A new bridge and flowering bring new liveliness.