Makeover Kloostertuin

Makeover Kloostertuin
Stichting Kloostertuin, Montessoribasisschool De Elzen
Year design
Brouwers Groenaannemers
Year realisation
2016-2018 (under construction)

The special atmosphere of the beautiful trees, the exciting tuft and the different play areas are cherished by all visitors of the Kloostertuin. It is a green oasis in the heart of the Bomenbuurt, Tilburg. The local residents around the Kloostertuin and the adjacent Montessori primary school have taken the initiative for a makeover of the Kloostertuin and the school playground because of the intensive use and the overdue green maintenance. Now it is one common area that can be visited by all alternately.

Blom&Moors is asked to design the new Kloostertuin. During the design process, the neighbourhood, the school and the BSO have participated. With a movie and posters in the class we made a call: by drawing, photographing, filming, writing or tinkering young and old could let us know what they are doing and would like to do in the Kloostertuin. In an exhibition all great ideas were shown. For the adults we organised a workshop. With all these inspiring ideas are we have started our design.

Six special places
In the new Kloostertuin not only the 'old' garden and the playground of the school meet each other. The Kloostertuin is, as it were, a meeting of six special places, each with its own character and use. In the design the diversity of these spots is reinforced, so the children can freely choose where they want to play, discover or learn, together or alone. The six spots are connected to each other with paths, spacious and accessible or narrow and exciting, just like it once was in religious monastery gardens. The path of the Marietje Kessels Monument is as a 'bridge' between the trees.

At the entrance of the school yard there are two seating areas for a conversation while picking up/bringing the children (school and BSO) or to keep an eye on the children while playing. 

In the Strip along the BSO and the gymnasium there are a number of play areas. Low hedges and climbing plants form green rooms with picnic tables, playground equipment and low concrete game objects. This Strip is also used during the outdoor gym class or in ‘animal-discovery-tours’.

Het Speelveld has a colourful floor in which children can play to their heart's content, with balls, bikes and more. It is the connection between garden and school playground and at the same time it forms a visual boundary for the game of the younger children. Next to being a children's play area the steps and ramp also function as a tribune.

Onder de linden it is lighter, sunnier and dryer than before. There is room for free play and a high playing object with multiple functions. It is the place for the children to climb, scramble, spin and glide.

The Groene Kamer has a large table in the grass, the central meeting place of the Kloostertuin. From there one has a view of the kitchen garden. The border is wider and more colourful.

Het Bosje, the pet name says it all: children like to play here. In the design we offer natural wooden play objects for scrambling, balancing, building and fantasize, so the trees and shrubs will be respected. Dangerous trees are removed, young new planting keeps the place enclosed.