Shopping mall Het Stroink

Shopping mall Het Stroink
WP Retail Invest C.V.
Year design
In cooperation with
Vocus architecten, Trafique, Citeq, Eelerwoude, Monton projectmanagement
Year realisation

‘Green’ shopping centre
Shopping centre Het Stroink is located in the greenest area of Enschede, Stroinkslanden. The mall will be expanded and the surrounding public space will be redesigned. In close cooperation with Vocus architecten and Trafique Blom_Moors designs the interior concourse from the shopping centre, the squares and the surrounding public space parallel to the architectural design for the building.
Client WP Retail Invest develops the mall to a sustainable retail location. This is reflected in the role and function that the mall is going to get for the retailers and the neighbourhood (meeting place and space for activities) as well as in the design (e.g. use of materials, energy consumption, integrate monumental trees).

The public space connects
In the design we strive for coherence between the architecture and the various (semi-) public areas. The mall is surrounded by majestic oaks. A transition from this dark green area to an open and light shopping centre will be realised. The connection with the neighbourhood and the access to the mall is organised along a diagonal route, through the square with entrance to the interior concourse, both at the northern and southern side of the mall.

The design also provides in a smooth flow of traffic and sufficient parking facilities. New trees will be planted and grass tiles will be used to break the stony character of the parking spaces. The monumental tree rows will be cherished.

The exterior and interior are related to each other: floor, furniture and lighting are matched in forms and formats, natural materials and bright colours.