Slikken van Flakkee

Slikken van Flakkee
the island of Goeree Overflakkee, The Netherlands
Verboon Maasland / Staatsbosbeheer (State Forest Service)
Year design
In cooperation with
Robbert de Koning, landscape architect
Verboon Maasland, Damsteegt
Year realisation

Natural area Slikken van Flakkee, situated on Goeree-Overflakkee is a dry swallow and salt marsh area covering some 1500 hectares. To strengthen the natural values ​​and expand the recreational facilities, Blom&Moors, together with landscape architect Robbert de Koning as part of the winning tender team of contractor Verboon Maasland, have been selected for the design work.

'Slikken style'
In order to create a recognizable and cohesive identity to the area, a distinctive style has been developed for all furnishing elements. The vastness of the landscape and the erratic nature are the most important sources of inspiration for the design.

The Slikken style is characterized by playful, whimsical shapes in combination with robust material use. All objects are constructed with the same beveled wooden poles of 9 by 9 cm. In the visual language, connection is sought with the vertical character of the erratic rising reed and thicket, but also with the horizontal character of the zigzag movement in the encounter between land and water. The series of elements therefore has a great recognisability so the experience of the area will be  increased.

 All elements are integrated into the landscape, are solid and simply constructed and safely detailed and finished. The natural look is also achieved through the use of sustainable materials with a modest and natural appearance that may weather and age in a beautiful way.

Seating furniture and panorama spots
At several places in the area there are safe panorama spots, sometimes equipped with a seating element, where necessary with an integrated information panel. The palisades keep visitors from entering the area, without blocking the sight. In the same style a small wooden step has been made so the fencing in the area does not form an obstacle for recreational users.

Hidden places for wild watching
In the area there are two wooden structures that, with their erratic contours and design, are unobtrusively integrated into the natural profile of the adjoining scrub. They are, as it were an extension of the scrub, lookouts in which hikers can hide. From here they have a safe and sheltered view of birds, horses and cattle.

Playing on the bathing jetty
The Grevelingenmeer, a beautiful salty lake, is also equipped with a special furnishing element: in the middle of the safe part of the water a large bathing jetty is floating in the form of a turbot, a common fish here. The swimming raft offers swimmers a fun playground on the water. The raised tail serves as a bench or springboard.