Stage Marikenstraat

Stage Marikenstraat
retailers association Marikenstraat
Year design

For more than ten years ago, the heart of the town of Nijmegen expanded with new shops, homes and cultural facilities in the Marikenstraat. To expand the number of passers-by in the Marikenstraat, the owners and retailers association were looking for a way to make the entrance from the Burchtstraat more attractive and inviting.

Blom&Moors designed a stage for the city center of Nijmegen: ‘een waghenspel’, which is a reference to the the miracle play Mariken van Nieumeghen, to whom the Marikenstraat has been called.

The place is perfect for various use, during daytime and in the evening. People will meet a place to meet up and check the social media, while on the stage the scene of the comings and goings from shoppers unfolds. During the holidays and cultural festivities it can be a place with a special entourage.

The stage consists of a flat wooden floor with an integrated seating element and a wooden lighting pole. Material and detailing of floor, seating furniture and mast correspond to the bench at the Vlaams Arsenaal. In this way both entrances of the Marikenstraat are marked by the wooden furnishings. The chosen pattern of the wooden floor planks creates an optical broadening that makes the street feel more spacious. On the backside of the seating element a quote from the miracle play is engraved. The steel base of the lighting pole is equipped with an electra- and wifi point.

Owners and retailers association have not yet decided to realize the stage.