Cruquius grows

Cruquius grows
POR, (Platform openbare ruimte) Design competition
Year design
In cooperation with
Mook & Partners, één op één grafisch ontwerp

For the competition 'Cruquius: Public space as the engine of transformation‘ Blom& Moors has established a manifesto for the future. The manifesto is a plea for gradual development through initiative and dialogue. Do not start with a grand building plan for the island, but use time and space for a transition phase in which a wide range of temporary activities will get a spot.

The vision is presented as the local newspaper 'Cruquius groeit' which shows the development of Cruquius in 2015. Articles and news items, about the commissioning of the new ferry, art in public space, the opening of the workshop building 102 and Cruquius musicfestival give an insight into how the transition can be implemented.

Cruquius grows Is the spot where it is good to live, work, learn and spend leisure time. Over the years  Cruquius will gradually transform into an attractive island in the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam where living and work areas will be realized. A natural part of the city with its own character, cool and welcoming. A place where you feel at home and at the same time feel like you are in the centre of the world.

Cruquius is welcoming For people who want to contribute to the island where they live and work tomorrow. Pioneering, initiatives and facilitating lead to new and meaningful links to the area. Promoters are taken seriously, they are the ones who cherish the island and make Cruquius alive.

Cruquius lives
The transformation of Cruquius is a fascinating process that yields an unexpected quality of public spaces and buildings. An important role is assigned to temporary public use of industrial areas and quays which have become available. The quality of this initiative is linked to the quality of the place. Because good public space exists by virtue of a lively public use.

Cruquius invites Initiatives can be argued by groups or individuals, both private and businesses. They are selected and facilitated so that a surprising variety of initiatives arise. Initiatives that captivate and endorse the ambition and the new identity of 'Cruquius groeit'.

Cruquius accommodates
space Buildings and spaces with special features and capabilities that add to the development of Cruquius. Places and buildings which are promising because of their location, orientation and views. Valuable traces of the past remain visible so that past, present and future meet.

Cruquius takes shape
As time passes, the development of building areas proceed. Good working initiatives will have a place in the planning. The contours and the use of public, collective and private spaces will more clearly manifest and lead to an obvious connection between public space and buildings.

Cruquius is the future
Today's initiatives are input to the design of tomorrow. The city of Amsterdam, joint developers and Platform Cruquius Island work together to make this possible. Project Office Cruquius Room invites you to come and contribute to this extraordinary development.