Griftpark Utrecht

Griftpark Utrecht
Ingenieursbureau City of Utrecht
Year design
In cooperation with
Han Beumer, Leon Emmen, Frank van Vliet
Year realisation

The design for the Griftpark has a long and eventful history. After the buildings of the former gasworks in the sixties were demolished, a discussion ensued on the future use of the site. The inhabitants of Utrecht Noordoost play an important role in shaping the program, construction and maintenance. The design of the park focuses on using it as a neighborhood park, but with urban appeal.

By the living layer the park is made higher than the surroundings. Within the green slopes ramps and stairs are installed. The ground level has a pattern of white lines and hedges. Architectural elements such as bridges, furniture, and the cascade were of iconic value in the construction of the park. The Griftpark is now among the top 5 most visited parks in The Netherlands.