Design concept station amenities

Design concept station amenities
All Dutch railwaystations
ProRail, NS Stations, Bureau Spoorbouwmeester
Year design

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In the Vision on station amenities, the travelers experience is the main concern. After all, trav-elers are the main users of the equipment. The main goal is to provide a comprehensive im-provement of the station facilities on all Dutch railway stations and to increase the customers appreciation. For travelers, this means a more logical layout of the space, a wider range of comfortable seating and accommodation and more experience, also by adding green and plea-sant lighting. More transparency in the design of objects will improve the view. The use of sustainable materials and a warmer overall look and feel are basic design choices.

Quiet, spacious, warm and green
The vision offers a new perspective on the interior design of stations and platforms. New and clear design principles give direction to both the placement of every object and to a new and distinctive design style. Each station will receive a 'toolkit', a selection of objects that will match the needs of every station.

Travelers will experience a significant change, and also the stations will undergo substantial spatial improvements. Platforms will get a complete new layout. By placing objects in groups, attractive and functional places are created with more circulation space as result. Moreover, the order in which items will be encountered will appear in a more logical order and travelers will feel invited to use the whole platform.  Travel information will be the first object to meet, always followed by a comfortable seating group.
There is also more attention for improving the view and for improving visible contact between travel-ers. For example, seating elements are facing each other and objects for advertisement will be placed stand alone, independent from the seating groups.

From now on, it is possible to adapt the design of an object to the stations unique character. Most of the seating elements can be produced in different colors to match the architectural style of the building or environment.  Also green will get a more significant role in the relationship between the lokation and  the unique character of the environment.

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