Signage for Tilburg

Signage for Tilburg
City of Tilburg
Year design
different producers
Year realisation

In order to hospitably welcome the visitors to the the inner city of Tilburg, a city map, pedestrian route signposting and information pillars have been developed and fitted-in in the urban fabric. Cultural, recreational and service-providing places are mentioned on the city maps and are included in the route. The information pillars mark the entrances to the city parks and offer information about the history of the development and the characteristics in the many remarkable parks of Tilburg.

The city map, the signposting and the information pillars jointly form a spatial and graphic syntax. The design seeks a balance between an indicative function on the one hand, and an integration into the urban outdoor areas on the other. Besides, recognisability, organisation and readability of the information, which are characteristic for the design, have been applied in Tilburg's house style (T style).

All the information facilities are flexible systems which provide for optional alternatives in the set-up, size and materials. The main shape is permanent and the image carriers can be replaced.

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