Utrecht city bench

Utrecht city bench
city of Utrecht
Year design
1999 / Winnaar prijsvraag Utrechtse stadsbank

Three startings
The outside spaces of the inner city of Utrecht are like an interior. The transitions between inside and outside are liquid in a city with many churches, monasteries and convents, exhibitionarea Jaarbeurs, shoppingmall High Catherijne and the Domplein. The bench should also have this interior quality.

A bench establishes a relationship between two places: the place where the bank is and where you overlooked. Not only the bank itself, but also the appearance determines the image of the city. The bench should offer different ways of sitting.

Utrecht is a green city at the water. The surrounding forests and peat meadows penetrate into the city center along the canals ans moats. Along the water bordered by green it is nice to be. The bench should fit with this green character.

A new bench for the city centre of Utrecht
The bench for Utrecht is an extended seat. Layers of wood are laminated to a ‘cloth’. The bench comes in three types: with and without a back and a as chaise longue, which in turn can be combined to dual bench, table and sofa.