Citybenches Stadhuisplein

Citybenches Stadhuisplein
Atelier Quadrat
Year design
Grijsen straatmeubilair
Year realisation

At the city square of Almere in the Netherlands, prominent new seating furniture is placed. Blom&Moors designed the benches, based on a catalogue design of Grijsen Street furniture. Six double faced benches are placed in pairs at the north side of the square. Together with the lighting columns and soon to be planted trees, they offer an attractive place to the inhabitants, friendly, colorful and with man-size proportions. Because of the generous size and bold color of the benches the square comes alive.

At the main city square, designed by Atelier Quadrat, various functions are gathered, like the weekly market, municipal functions, manifestations and shopping. Drainage is solved in three circular gutter lines, based on the circular shape of the main room of the municipality building. The design of the square provides enough space for all the public functions. The materialization in granite, stainless steel and colored wood form a rhythmic and lively ensemble.

The benches are situated just outside these circles. They provide places to sit around and are partially fitted with with a backrest. The parts that do not have a backrest are extra wide. Material and color appropriate to the modern and representative character of the square. Because of the L-shape of the benches an enclosed space is created between the two benches where people can sit facing each other. The main city square room was turned into a public with a human dimension.

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