Signing for bicycle parkings

Signing for bicycle parkings
City of Tilburg
Year design

Based on the bicycle parking plan 2008-2015, Blom&Moors was commissioned by the municipality of Tilburg to make a sketch for the signage for four underground bicycle parkings in the city, in order to make the new parking’s more inviting by increasing the visibility.

BIKE IN - BIKE OUT indicates and refers the movement of the cyclists. Because the graphics had to be visible from a distance, we have chosen for the fresh and recognizable colours traffic blue and bright white. Where it was possible to connect them to the existing structure, the indications became part of them. In other situations a free standing object was proposed  

For the bicycle parkings at ‘Katterug’ and ‘de Heuvel’  the graphic indications became part of the glass balustrades around the escalators. For the parking basements at the Pieter Vreedeplein and the Concert hall, a free standing glass object could be placed along the main routes. This object consists of glass panels on a steel base. The clear light effect is based on a ceramic print that is evenly lit from the sides by LED lights. Based on the estimated costs for implementation, the municipality finally decided not to implement the design.