zieZo - seating element for the city center

zieZo - seating element for the city center
Okra landschapsarchitecten
Year design

With three in a row the zieZo’s twinkle on the street. They tap the street as a thunderbolt and invite us to sit. The zieZo is a spacious seat for taking a break with your bags next to you or is a cozy couch for a couple to sit together.

The seat is made of folded sheets of stainless steel 316i. The seat is slightly ‘bump’ bent, so no water remains. The hollow space of the object is filled. On the transition to the ground level is a black plinth of hakorit. The zieZo is placed on a bottom frame with a base plate to 20 centimeters below ground level, so the pavement can be continued below the seat.

Along with wall lighting and waste bins the zieZo is the part of a collection of street furniture which is selected for the town of Zutphen.