Mellow Poufs&Planters

Mellow Poufs&Planters
i.c.w. Struyk Verwo Infra
Year design
2016 - 2021
Struyk Verwo Infra
Year realisation

Mellow Poufs&Planters is a contemporary series of poufs and planters for public areas. With their friendly rounded shapes and balanced material and colour options, the seating elements and planters can be placed both outdoors and indoors to provide a playful place to meet and stay. The interplay of seating and greenery makes it possible to create all kinds of lively arrangements. The name Mellow refers to the softness the products radiate.

The Poufs&Planters are made of smooth, self-compacting concrete. The poufs are available in two sizes: small and large. The choice of material and/or colour for bottom, top and the metal connecting ring allows all kinds of variations. The versions with FSC timber or bamboo seats add extra sophistication with their warm appearance and lines.

 A welcoming entrance 
The first project where the Mellow Poufs&Planters have been used is at the entrance to The Red Apple, a striking residential tower in the centre of Rotterdam. Based on a design by KCAP Architects & Planners and in cooperation with Blom&Moors, the public space on the entrance side, including the entrance, has been decorated with the Mellow Poufs. The Planters, planted with Straelitizia, complete the inviting gesture.

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