Our approach

Quality of the public space
Design for public space is designing towards the spatial and cultural quality of the places where we live together. From the perspective of the experience and use, Blom&Moors designs within the context of the city, the landscape and the semi-public building. We offer design visions and strategies, actual development plans and product design. If required, we organize the process, we guide the production and we monitor the execution quality.

Inviting and full of character
We design in a number of areas where we strengthen the public qualities. Such as comfortable facilities for the mobility environment. Attractive public facilities for parks and recreational areas. New features and significance for the re-use of industrial, military and religious heritage and their environment.  Inviting impulses for shopping malls, shopping areas and urban areas. Healthy environments around care, health and educational institutions. And whenever possible we make the cultural history visible and bring it back to life.

Design by dialogue
This creates, in dialogue with clients and stakeholders, lively public areas. Surprising and inviting places, designed with attention for shape, material, colour and detail. Resulting in places and objects in a recognizable style that matches your ambition. Durable and sustainable public facilities that can stand for years and are pleasant for everyone to use.