Cultural orientation: Pearls of Eersel

Eersel has a rich cultural history. In order to guide the villagers and visitors past some very special places in an informal manner, a number of meaningful objects have been mapped out. These are the Pearls of Eersel.

Those who want to know more about the present, the past and the future of Eersel only need to stroll through the village. The wealth of history can be seen in the old village structure which is still visible, the nice homes and especially the many striking objects and details in the public space of the village. Some of them are quite exceptional because they are ever so beautiful in all their simplicity, others because they still appear to exist despite wars, land consolidations or new construction plans. Eersel has some well preserved histories, but it also has a few badly preserved ones or even some where the histories remain unchecked. They've all led to stories which are well worth preserving, perceiving or passing on. Now, with the help of the Pearls of Eersel, they can easily be found. Read more about this project >>