Shareholder at Wall Street

Thirdyears students of ArtCoDe FHK this year participate with met Credit Fontys in Wall Street, the financial centre of DDW. It is a project of  Lucas Maassen c.s. The students have seduced us to be shareholder in their business: don't mis the publication! Read more >>

Greenline series introduced

At the Dag van de Openbare ruimte 2017 Struyk Verwo Infra introduces its latest products. The Greenline series is designed in cooperation with Blom&Moors and offers a multifunctional series of concrete elements. The slender elements with a slanted profile are available in 2 heights: 30 and 45 cm. In addition there are elements with seats in bamboo or wood. Visit the stand and see them "for real"!

Pilot station furnishings DB at Wolfsburg Hbf

Commissioned by Deutsche Bahn Blom&Moors has designed a new seating system and pavilion that are currently being tested in a pilot at Wolfsburg Hbf. Gute Reise!
See also Deutsche Bahn
See also Wolfsburg

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‘GO’ for Spoorpark Tilburg

On April 10, the City Council agreed with the construction of the Spoorpark in down town Tilburg. We are busy with the elaboration of the design. In September the construction will start, so visitors can enjoy the new park in the summer of 2018.

Spoorpark Tilburg presented

A new park for Tilburg! The ambitious plan for this park with the name Spoorpark (Rail park)  is presented on 3 February 2017: a groundbreaking citizens' initiative, as the result of an intensive cooperation between 8 quartermasters, 1 group of organizing directors, 4 counselors and two design agencies: KruitKok Landscape Architects and Blom&Moors. With this plan, the city center of Tilburg gets enriched by 10 hectares of green space in which you experience every day something different.


Watch the movie to get an impression.

Maarten van Rossem will not sleep

The Volkskrant tweets: Maarten van Rossem visits Utrecht Central station. While beeing seated he starts a conversation in style. See the movie >>

About Dutch wild life and arenas

Have you ever been at the Slikken van Flakkee? These vast plains with creeks and bird island along the Grevelingenmeer fall dry at low tide. It is a coming and going of twittering birds. Konik and Fjords walk around freely on the grass plains. This typical Dutch nature is enhanced and made more accessible for recreation. New creeks, islands and paths will be realised by Verboon Maasland this autumn. In cooperation with landscape architect Robbert de Koning we made plans for two wild arenas, lookout spots, fences and more.

Building Kabaal in de Kloostertuin

The new school year has started with a presentation of the refurbishment plans for the Kloostertuin in Tilburg. After the kick-off of the Stichting Kloostertuin, Montessori Elementary School De Elzen and BSO Elzen we have explained and discussed the preliminary design with the local residents. The enthusiasm is growing: there are new people joining. The new plans can be seen on the fences in the Kloostertuin. This autumn Brouwers Groenaannemers will start the realisation. After that: plenty of room to play, garden and enjoy!

Restauration offers nice opportunity

This summer the restoration plans for the Bovenlandse Sluis have been developed. Commissioned by Waterschap Aa en Maas Heijmans will fully modernise and restore the complex. Read more >> 
This offers an excellent opportunity to start with the second part of the project Balkon aan de Maas: also at the location of the former steam pumping station we will develop a nice place to stay.

Exhibition in De Elzen

So many drawings, models, and other nice works we did receive! They are all in the exhibition at De Elzen. Of course we will take care of all the ideas in the design for the Kloostertuin. It will become great!

The Anneville incident - Blom&Moors at the Dutch Design Week

With pleasure we invite you to the exhibition 'the Anneville incident' and our contribution 'Wat als/What if'. 
The exhibition will take place during the Dutch Design Week 2015, 17-25 october, 12-17 o'clock, in the InnovA58 project space, Torenallee 28-10, 5617 BD Eindhoven.

More information about the exhibition via DDW >>
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The start of Kabaal in de Kloostertuin

The Kloostertuin is a nice hidden playground in the centre of the Bomenbuurt. This playground and the one of the elementary school De Elzen will be merged and are ready for a makeover. The Stichting Kloostertuin, elementary school De Elzen and BSO Elzen started a cooperation. Blom&Moors has been asked to do the design process, in which participation of the children of De Elzen and the neighbourhood takes place: Kabaal in de Kloostertuin. We started with a movie in which we ask everybody to let us know their wishes!

Visit the facebookpage of Stichting Kloostertuin >>
Visit the facebookpage of the elementary school De Elzen >>

Refurbishment shopping centre Arena Den Bosch is finished

Shopping centre ‘Arena Den Bosch’, which is located in the city ‘s-Hertogenbosch, is attractive and inviting for shoppers again. Blom&Moors and architect Bob Custers of VOCUS architecten BNA worked together on a new impulse for new facades and public spaces. Meanwhile the Arena is in full use. The public enjoys the new meeting places. In the glass display cases at large table a series of archaeological finds is shown, coming from the pottery that was located here in the middle ages.

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Read the news at >>

New look for shopping centre Arena is revealing

The alterations in shopping centre Arena Den Bosch are in full swing. After removing the stone floor and wall sections, the restoration works have been started. The new floor, consisting of three colours grey granite, looks fresh and graphic. The steel railings are replaced by glass balustrades. The spatial impact is already visible. As soon as the new striped sofas, the table with archaeological finds as well and also the colourful plantings will be placed, a new chapter will be added to the rich history of this place.

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Picnic and storytelling

The realisation of the Balcony at the river Maas is completed and ready for her visitors. Waterboard Aa en Maas, contractor Postma and Blom&Moors are looking back on a splendid cooperation and a special project result. Cyclists and walkers along the dyke may pause in this special place near the pumping station and inquire themselves about the history, function and ecological value of the three special hydraulic engineering works. And besides it is a lovely spot for a picnic.

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International Award for railway architecture and design

The Dutch railway sector has won a major international award for railway architecture and design. It is the 'Overall Brunel Jury Award' which was presented to ProRail and NS in the South Church in Amsterdam: 'The jury has dedicated to grant the Brunel Jury Award 2014 for outstanding design in at least three of the four categories to the Netherlands for their consistently high level of design quality on all scales, ranging from large tot small stations, station refurbishment and most notably how the stations fit into the urban of landscape surroundings.'

ProRail press report >>
Jury report >>
Information about the Watford conference on >>
Watch the movie of the granting of the Brunel Awards >>

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Design for the railways is now for sale (in Dutch)

This book shows that design for the railways is more than a technical challenge. It's about the network of railways connecting the Netherlands, on transport hubs used by thousands of people every day, but also about the quality of the travelers experience. This requires designers who work beyond the boundaries of their own disciplines, directors and designers who collectively understand the importance of corporate identity and design. The new station furniture is also mentioned in this book. 

Order the book >>

Shopping Centre Arena becomes the talk of the town

Blom&Moors has made the design for the redevelopment of the outdoor space of the shopping centre Arena in Den Bosch. Client is Aberdeen Asset Management. Due to the redesign of the outdoor space and adjustments of the facades (Vocus Architects) the interior will contribute more to the atmosphere and identity of the city centre of Den Bosch. New public elements like seating furniture, a glass balustrade, colourful planting and bold typography on the entrance gate contributes to this.

The special history of this place will also be part of the interior. An exclusive designed table with five glass showcases will become the heart of the Arena. These showcases will display large pots and bowls of ceramics that were excavated during the construction of the Arena. Now a part of the rich cultural history of the Arena will be visible on a table, in the middle of the city, for all to see.

Website shopping centre Arena Den Bosch >>
Publication in newspaper >>
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New bridge placed in the Amsterdamse Bos

Another new bridge is placed at the Amsterdamse Bos. The bridge connects Manege Nieuw Amstelland with the surrounding forrest and has a striking design, just as its many predecessors of architect Piet Kramer. The wooden bridge will be used by pedestrians, cyclists ánd riders.

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Event with architecture and lobster big success

On Saturday, June 21 De Gruyter Factory was the place to be for architecture enthousiasts and lobster lovers. On that day, the national Day of Architecture was held with the theme "People Make the City '. Within this theme a public event was held on the grounds of De Gruyter Factory. The program consisted of an exhibition, a temporary trail, guided tours and a dinner with lobster in a pop-up restaurant on the impressive quay .

Read the article in the Brabants Dagblad >>

De Gruyter Fabriek, work in progress!

De Gruyter Factory is an attractive location for more than 120 creative businesses in 's-Hertogenbosch. Blom & Moors developed, on its own initiative, a vision on the public space. Blom & Moors developed i.c.w. Buro OSLO, commissioned by owner (BIM), a design for the outdoor space including a spacious walk running along the base of the building, parking in new parking spaces inbetween the trees. After this phase  the other parts of the site will also be developed.


Rotterdam Central station opening ceremony

Rotterdam Central Station was opened on 13 March by King Willem Alexander. Public interest was enormous. Dancers, music, and video swirled around the main entrance hall. The new station, designed by Team CS, has been given a large main hall, a wide passage and covered platforms. The chosen colors: grays, reds and warm materials let justice to the new station furniture. Metropolitan allure, international appeal and extra comfort for the traveler: a station to be proud of.

Get the latest news!

TMG, owner of the two free newspapers, Metro and Sp!ts in the Netherlands, has recently launched a new distribution agreement with the Dutch Railways (NS). This means that the traveler now - next to Metro - can also find Sp!ts at most railway stations in the Netherlands. 

Blom&Moors designed a system of individual units which can be clustered in order to make larger configurations. On each piece of furniture the word "NEWS" is incorporated. From now on travelers will never need to miss their favorite newspaper.

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Nieuw meubilair voor stations

ProRail has launched the renovation of platform furniture on approximately one hundred stations in the Netherlands. The first in this series is now being addressed Hoevelaken station.

See the enthusiastic response of travelers using the links below:
Nieuwe banken: 'Grill in je bil' verleden tijd >>
Feestje op vernieuwd station Hoevelaken >>

Lees ook het persbericht van ProRail:
Perronbankjes proberen op station Hoevelaken >>

De Gruyter Fabriek bloeit!

The first Gruyter Fabriek Event has taken place. At the foot of the buildings tenants worked together to create a long ribbon of red geraniums that will bloom all summer. 140 plant bags have been filled with 1200 geraniums! The maintenance of this 'flower ribbon' will be done by entrepreneurs of the Gruyter Fabriek.

Back and forth

On May 18, 2013 the celebratory opening of two redesigned ferry banks took place. The ferry banks are situated along the river Waal serving pedestrians and  bicyclists to take the ferry between Beuningen and Slijk-Ewijk. On both sides is a new ferry bank was built design by Atelier Quadrat and Blom&Moors. The assignment was commissioned by Dienst Landelijk Gebied.

Two robust benches made from concrete and steel provide a resting place for those who are waiting on the boat. Poet Tim Pardijs wrote two poems, one for each side of the river, which are sand-blasted into the concrete slabs on the ground. These contemporary beacons along the river offer residents and holidaymakers a moment of reflection and beautiful views. The opening ceremony was designed by artist Rob Sweere.

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Now available: Solids&Seats

With great enthusiasm and pride this spring Struyk Verwo Infra has introduced Solids&Seats to the market. This comprehensive set of concrete elements for the projects market is designed by Blom&Moors. Because of the no-nonsense look and the many shape variants Solids&Seats is widely applicable. The first reactions on Solids & Seats are promising!


Renewed Lijnbaan revealed

On Saturday, November 24th, the opening of the refurbished Lijnbaan in Rotterdam took place. Alderman Alexandra van Huffelen (sustainability, town centre and public space) used the same scissors that were used during the 1953 opening to cut the ceremonial ribbon. By doing this the newly inserted ‘Lijnbaan’ sign was revealed.

The design for the refurbishment is made by atelier Quadrat. The redesign is intended to give the Lijnbaan, now labeled as a national monument, a more elegant and recognizable look. The redesign includes stone pavement of basalt dark granite with light gray stripes, a redesigned seat element around a monumental tree, new tree grills, a green décor of terraces north of the Kruiskade with hedges and five granite benches specially designed by Blom&Moors.

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New station furniture is coming!

From the end of 2012, the first stations will be accommodated with new furniture. The designs for benches, pavilions, wind screens and 'poufs' are contracted for production. The travelers’ stay on the stations will become a lot better: more inviting, comfortable and warmer.

Read the news item of ProRail >>
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Design concept station amentities online

The design concept for station amenities (Blom & Moors commissioned by and in collaboration with ProRail, NS Stations, Bureau Spoorbouwmeester, march 2011) is now public and can be downloaded from the website of ProRail. The design concept defines the design and placement of the station furniture for the next 20-30 years.

Read all about the ambition, the quality of the tools, and to what criteria the new station furniture will meet. Quiet, roomy, warm, and green: that is what all stations are going to look like.

Read more about this project >>
Download the design concept (pdf) >>

Blom&Moors has moved!

Blom&Moors has moved! After May 30, 2012 you can reach us at our new location: DE GRUYTER FABRIEK Veemarktkade 8, room 7135 (entrance L), 5222 AE ’s-Hertogenbosch. The Gruyter Fabriek is the largest business center for the creative industry in the Netherlands. Great ambiance, and a 15 minute walk from the station.

More information >>